Raymond Micheau

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About Me

I’m a recent graduate from the Project Management course offered at Sheridan College. This course has taught me the tools and skills needed to run successful projects from beginning to end. The skills taught include: Software (incl. MS Project, Excel), HR and Communications, Project Scheduling and Risk Management, Leadership Development, Procurement and Financial Management, Project Scope and Quality Management, Managing Business Processes, Creativity and Innovation, Business Strategy for Projects, and Change in Organizations.

As well, in 2017 I graduated from the Game Programming course offered at Humber College. This course, over three years taught a wide variety of languages and skills. This course taught: C#, C++, the use of Unity, Unreal Engine, Networking with C++, GLSL, SDL2, Java, Javascript, CSS, and HTML. With the core concepts of how to build a game engine framework from scratch.

I've been in game programming for 5 years, wanting to really learn the ins and outs of how Video Games are created. This led me to a want to focus on design and production. I've worked on a number of projects, ranging from a top-down space shooter, to my capstone. A game called Little People Doing Small Things for Big People, a mini-game collection set inside of home appliances. At the end of my time at Humber College, I discovered that I felt more proficient in managing the teams I was working on for projects. This led me to go to Sheridan College and learn the skills I’d need to do so.


Game Programming
Humber College
Advanced Diploma


JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Study Abroad Opportunity

JUNE 5TH - 22ND, 2017

Project Management
Sheridan College
Grad Certificate


Game Projects

Cult of Easter

January 2016

A sim-like game where players act as an old god, vying for followers. The player will influence the islanders to follow their suggestions and control their lives. Compelling them to do heinous acts, such as murdering virgins and praying to their new god.

  • Worked on player controls
  • Player shooting
  • Main Menu

Smokebomb Project

January 2016 - April 2016

Together with a lead researcher I along with a partner created a prototype game called Hex Defense. Which used hexagonal spaces that held turrets which could be swapped around to manage multiple waves of enemies coming from the outer edges. Created for Smokebomb entertainment on a piece of unannounced hardware called the Snowflake.

  • Enemy AI
  • Enemy Spawning
  • Enemy Management

Little People Doing Small Things for Big People

September 2016 - Present

My current capstone project. This game is about how our everyday appliances work. How instead of electronics inside of them, small people are actually controlling and running them all. Like a toaster, instead of heating elements cooking the toast, it’s actually small people. Running around the inside of it with flamethrowers. Going up and down, climbing across the toaster and cooking it as evenly as they can before it pops up.

  • Programmer
  • Producer
  • Designer


July 2017

Created for the Game Maker's Toolkit Game Jam. Working in a team of four to create a game with the theme Dual Purpose Design we came up with the idea of jumping also interacting with the level directly. With each jump altering the world around the player by flipping the platforms players would need to maneuver around.

  • Project Lead
  • Level Designer


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Unreal Engine